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Team Insight Survey

Check the level of employee engagement in your organization
Ostendi Team Inside Survey questionnaire examines the mood and commitment of employees in the company.

It is not just about superficial evaluation of a general atmosphere, though Ostendi Team Insight Survey is an in-depth analysis, which consists of 52 questions exploring areas and focusing on matters crucial for the company’s efficiency. These are: Atmosphere, Leadership, Communication, Target Awareness and Division of Roles. Everyday actions of all employees, which fit into those areas, are the pillars of agile organization. They were identified by Peter Moxon in his book entitled Building a Better Team: A Handbook for Managers and Facilitators, which has been an inspiration and a starting point to create Team InsightSurvey.

Being aware of how the company is viewed by the employees can bring a lot of benefits.


TIS enables a structured evaluation of the company’s employees’ points of view. They are the most important resource in every kind of business. Their awareness and understanding of the direction which the company should be going towards, active teamwork in order to meet the company’s targets, effective communication and a proper division of roles (right use of competence), are the bedrock of a smoothly working team.

TIS identifies strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Final results, together with information collected in other analyses (such as 360 Degree Assessment) are a valuable  diagnosis of the company’s current “state of mind” and can be treated as a reference point for planning further development process. That, above all, includes:

  • intervening connected with potential problems which may restrict the company’s development
  • drawing up development strategy based on the team’s identified strengths

TIS mood examination is a tool for conscious and effective management. Combined with an overview of management staff’s competence (such as 360 da), it gives a coherent image of the company’s teamwork. Team InsightSurvey is also another step in building organizational culture based on collective wisdom, constructive assessment, information exchange and workers’ commitment. This important step is easy to take thanks to the methodology’s easy procedure.


TIS is available on the Ostendi Internet platform. Employees, who don’t have access to the Internet, fill in the traditional (paper) version of the questionnaire, which results are then uploaded on the website. Completing the questionnaire takes about 10 minutes.

The findings are summarized in one, coherent, and clear report. TIS Report contains detailed summary in the form of average results at the level of assessed dimensions and single phenomena (questions), which they describe. The TIS results are ordered in accordance with the project’s systematics, i.e. company’s certain organizational units, years of service or gender, as long as the assessed individuals have the right to remain anonymous.

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