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Ostendi Talent Hunter

Increase recruitment process's efficiency
Efficient recruitment process always with Ostendi Talent Hunter

Ostendi Talent Hunter® is a tool used to measure personality traits based on the 5-factor personality concept created by Paul Costa and Robert McRae (so called “Big Five”). Ostendi Talent Hunter® has been developed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of: researchers, people representing diversified business circles – managers, experts, psychometric specialists, and Polish language teachers. Ostendi Talent Hunter® has been based on the significance of Polish cultural-social context and specific business characteristics of certain regions. The questionnaire was tested on a sample of over seven hundred professionally active people, performing various functions in organizations.



  • Minimization of recruitment failures and consequent time and money saving
  • No need to analyze sent documents in terms of formal requirements
  • Eliminating candidates who don’t come to scheduled meetings


Ostendi Talent Hunter® can be used in many areas:

  • Recruitment and selection,
  • Promotion paths,
  • Talent development.

Final report contain detailed information on applicants, whose formal requirements, as well as personality profiles, are most suitable for the company’s needs. Collected information can be crucial for making decisions about employing certain people. Nevertheless, it is worth stressing that Ostendi Talent Hunter® has been designed only as an instrument supporting modern recruitment processes, and human factor shouldn’t be eliminated when it comes to making final decisions. Ostendi Talent Hunter® results are stable and don’t change rapidly, which means that only significant life events may cause certain fluctuations in this context.

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